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Exercise Easier

Do you exercise right?


Do you sleep well?


Is stress hindering your performance?


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is made up of 
5 elements

Many of us face problems in life like health or wealth or relationships which are due to out of balance of these 5 elements


Learn the art of balancing 5 elements within the body
and space we live in


In this site you will see many amazing knowledge which our predecessors has tested and tried which will make us get a glimpse of our rich and glorious past 

It will clear many confusions or illusion we use to have.

Welcome to this amazing journey of
Indian Knowledge BASE and astonishing facts.

This website has collection(quote,video,excerpts) from legendary experts in their domains namely
1. Honable RAJIV DIXIT ji for Health related topics
2. Honable Kushdeep Bansal ji for Mahavastu
3. Dr Nagendra  for Yoga related.
4.Few others as relevant.
This website is a NON commercial effort to put all such things together and to promote the vast but glorius Indian Knowledge in these field to make life better for every humans.